How to use Effortless English Courses?

Developed with Professor A.J.'s latest research and more than 20 years of experience in English teaching, Effortless English will help you speak English Fluently, Powerfully, and Automatically within 6 months!

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Dear friends. Welcome to the Effortless English System (Learn To Speak English like a native Speaker). Effortless English is a program designed with the goal of helping you improve your English skills as easily, simply and quickly as possible. However, to get the best learning effect, learners need to comply with the following 3 important requirements:

1) First of all, you must clearly understand the 7 rules to learn English with Effortles English;

2) Secondly, you must follow the instructions in this article correctly;

3) Thirdly (MOST IMPORTANT), you must be persistent (80% of success comes from your own efforts).


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Effortless English course



The Effortless English 2024 program is designed by Professor AJ Hoge with multi-level courses, from the most basic level to proficiency.
Original course & Flow course for Pre-intermediate level
Power course & Business course for Intermediate level
Pronunciation course for Upper-intermediate level
Real conversations course for Advanced level

1- SEVEN RULES: SEVEN RULES TO SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE A NATIVE. Includes 7 topics with 7 rules to show you the keys to the most effective way to learn English.

7 rules for excellent english

2- ORIGINAL ENGLISH: AUTOMATIC ENGLISH REFLEX. Includes 36 topics with 140 lessons to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex after 36 weeks; suitable for students from A1 to A2 level (Elementary to Pre-Intermediate).

original effortless english


3. FLOW ENGLISH: FLUENT ENGLISH REFLEX. Includes 20 topics with 80 lessons to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex for English fluency after 20 weeks; suitable for B1 - B2 learners (from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate).

Flow english

4- POWER ENGLISH: CONFIDENT ENGLISH REFLEX. Includes 30 topics with 120 lessons to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex for confident English speaking after 30 weeks; suitable for B1 - B2 learners (from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate).

power english


5- BUSINESS ENGLISH: ENGLISH FOR SUCCESS. Includes 10 topics with 30 lessons focusing on business concepts to improve your language reflex for confident English speaking after 10 weeks; suitable for B1 - B2 learners (from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate).

business english


6- PRONUNCIATION EFFORTLESS ENGLISH: EFFORTLESS PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE. Includes 20 topics with 60 lessons on IPA English pronunciation techniques to perfect your pronunciation and improve language reflex for confident English speaking after 20 weeks; suitable for B1 - B2 learners (from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate).

Pronunciation effortless english


7- LEARN REAL ENGLISH: AUTHENTIC ENGLISH COMMUNICATION. Includes 30 topics with 120 lessons on real-life communication situations of American native speakers, to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex for confident English speaking after 30 weeks; suitable for C1+ learners (Advanced).

learn real english


Effortless English roadmap

Effortless English Roadmap. Source: EffortlessEnglishSystem.Com


Each lesson Set has at least 3-4 different lesson files. All lessons in a Set have the same name. These lessons go together. Every day, you will listen to all the lessons in ONE lesson SET (all the lessons with the same name). You will listen to only one set for a week or more.

This is very important. You will only improve quickly if you follow this method-- one lesson set everyday-- the same lessons set every day for a week (or more). Some sets have more than 3 lessons.


PS: If you don’t have the lessons yet, get them now and start the first lesson set today. Start immediately: Effortless English Lessons

- First, you register for an Effortless English member account.
+ Effortless English with Web: sign up 
+ Effortless English with Android (Google Play): download here
+ Effortless English with iOS (AppStore): download here

Next, you log into the system and select the Original Effortless English Course, and start with the first lesson name "Day of the dead"


What kind of lessons are in each set, and how should you use them?

*A Text Article (.pdf file) Read the article. Do not “study” it. Don’t try to memorize it. Just read it a couple of times each day and review new words. Use a dictionary to translate difficult words, if necessary.

*Vocabulary Lesson (MP3) Just listen. Don’t try to memorize the words.

*Mini-Story Lessons (MP3) This is the most powerful lesson. First time, just listen. Then, listen and pause after each question.

Answer each question loudly in English, then play again. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Don’t worry about mistakes.

In the Mini-Story, I will do only three things:
1. I will make a statement. After a statement, just say, “Ahhhh” or “Ohhhh”.
2. I will ask a question that you know the answer to. Just answer the question. You don’t need to answer with a sentence. You can answer with only one or two words.
3. I will ask a question that you don’t know the answer to. Guess. Yell a guess immediately.

Again, you can guess with just one (or a few) words. Saying a correct and exact answer is not important. The most important thing is speed. Try to answer very quickly (remember, one word is fine). Speed is your goal. You want short fast answers, not long answers! In the beginning, this may be difficult. That’s OK. Use your pause button. Listen to this lesson many times every day for at least a week. The Mini-Story is the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON in the Effortless English system. LIsten to these lessons the most.

*Audio Article (MP3)
Just listen. Relax and enjoy it. Listen to it several times each day for at least a week. Your goal is to understand 100% instantly and automatically.

Some sets also have:
*Point of View Mini-Stories
These are a way to improve grammar fluency, without studying. Just listen carefully. Relax. Do not think about grammar rules. Not all lessons have POV stories.

These are extra talks about the topic. They might seem very difficult. If they seem too difficult, skip them. The Commentary lessons are the LEAST IMPORTANT lessons in the Effortless English system. You probably won’t understand everything-- its normal. Just relax and listen.


Suggested Lesson Order (Every Day Using The Same Set):
1. First, read the Text article. Read and review it, do not “study” it. Don’t try to memorize it.
2. Listen to the Vocabulary Lesson a few times
3. Listen to the Mini-Story Lesson several times
4. Listen to the Point of View Mini-Story, if there is one, a few times.
5. Listen to the Audio many times
6. Listen to the Commentary once (if there is one, and if you can understand it).

Learning Schedule

Effortless English is a deep learning system. You will learn each lesson very well. You will relax, go slowly and learn to speak English easily and automatically.

The best study schedule is as follows:
*Study one lesson set for a week or more. That’s right, only one set for at least a week. If you get bored, make a game with the Mini-Story lessons-- try to answer each question faster and faster.
*Everyday, listen to all of the lessons in the lesson set. Try to listen to each lesson (in the set) at least two times every day.

*Listen at least one hour every day. Two hours every day is best. Its OK to divide your time during the day. For example, you might listen 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes going to work, 30 minutes during lunch, 30 minutes going home, and 30 minutes before going to sleep. In fact, this is an excellent way to learn.

*Relax :) Do not think about grammar rules. Just listen to the lessons and enjoy them.
*Start with the first lessons (at the top of the list).

Even if the lessons seem easy, listen to only one set for a full week. You might know the words very well, but you need them to go deep into your brain. You need a lot of repetition and a lot of answering questions. If the lessons seem easy, try to answer the questions very quickly-- make it a game.

If the lessons seem difficult-- just relax. You can listen to one lesson set for 4 weeks, or 10 weeks if necessary. Don’t worry about doing a lot of lesson sets. This is not important. Relax and focus on understanding. Go slowly. You will improve a lot, even if you listen to only one lesson set for 10 weeks!


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got you covered
Which Lesson Sets Should I Listen To First?

You can listen to the lessons in any order. However, we recommend that you follow the order of the scheduled list.

How Do I Use The Lessons?

Listen to one lesson set every day each week. Each lesson set has 4-5 lessons in it. Repeat each lesson in the set everyday for at least one week. If the lesson set still seems difficult, listen to these lessons every day for another week.

If the lessons seem easy, still listen to them everyday for at least one week. Deep learning is a very important part of our system. Over-learn every lesson.

I Don’t Understand All Of The Lessons, What Should I Do?

Start with the first lessons and focus on the Mini-Story lessons. It’s OK if you don’t understand every word. Just relax and listen to the same lesson everyday for a week. The Mini-Story lessons are the most important, so focus on them first if you are having trouble. Most of all, be patient. It takes time, but with consistent listening you will improve!

How to answer Effortless English questions?

Effortless English is an English learning method that simulates the way native children learn English. Observing a baby start to speak, you will see that at first the baby can only say 1 word, then you feel happier when you hear the baby say 2-3 words at the same time, and then A few months later, the baby can talk more and only a year later you will see the baby talking non-stop. Even though the baby's vocabulary is very small, you see, the baby speaks very fluently and pronounces more and more accurately.

A.J.Hoge emphasizes that you need to react quickly, just 1-3 words is enough, but later when your level is better, you will be able to say full sentences like author A.J.Hoge's. So, in a test, in the first days of the week you answer in short sentences first, then if you are better at it, you answer in full sentences.

What are the signs that you have completed a lesson?

A lesson is considered satisfactory when it meets the following requirements:

+ Study 1 lesson for at least 1 week, or 7 consecutive days.

+ When you hear A.J.Hoge read the question, you reflexively answer immediately without having to think or press Pause. If you still have to think to find the answer, it means you have not reached the reflex level, because reflex means you do something automatically without having to think at all. If you find that the lesson is still not satisfactory, you can study the lesson for another week, or it's okay to study once a month.

+ When you have reached the level of automatic reflexes and it hasn't even been a week, you still need to continue learning so that the number of times you listen is enough to reach the point where you can remember it like it's imprinted in your head because native speakers hear one word. 1,000 times to be able to use that word naturally.

Can you take 2 lessons a week?

The more time you spend studying in a day, the better and deeper your memory will be, laying the foundation for the next lessons. But you still have to follow the rule, only study one lesson a week. According to Mr. A.J.Hoge, native speakers hear a word repeated 1,000 times or more to remember it clearly, so you also need to listen to it as many times as possible, as your knowledge base increases. The more solid you are, the faster you will progress in the future and you will never forget. Even if you don't speak English for a whole year, when you speak English you still speak very automatically.

Effortless English is a method of learning by Listening, so do you need to learn additional Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Reading skills?

The Effortless English method already includes the skills: Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Reading, Writing, so you don't need to learn any more skills. More detailed explanation is as follows:

- Speaking: In the audio mini-story, you will hear A.J.Hoge read each sentence in the text one by one. After each sentence is read, the author uses many questioning structures (yes/no, who/what/ why/where/, tag question...) to ask you the content of the sentence that A.J.Hoge just read out earlier. You press the Pause to stop and answer the question. After 1 to 2 days of studying, you will gradually increase your reflexes to answer questions and you will be able to answer immediately without having to press the Pause button anymore. After answering, press the Pause button to continue listening to the author's answer and check if your answer is correct. Usually, A.J.Hoge uses two ways to answer: a short way and a full way, but A.J.Hoge encourages students to answer very briefly and quickly, not necessarily exactly and should only be concise. 2-3 words are enough.

- Grammar: In most lessons, some lessons do not have it), the author gives a Point of View section, this lesson will make you automatically speak grammatically correct English. In the Point of view section, A.J.Hoge will present the content of the text at many different times: past, present, future, present perfect. Your task is to listen and re-present the text like the author. From the ability to express text at many different times quickly, it will help you speak English automatically with correct grammar and style very naturally like a native speaker.

- Reading: This skill is available as soon as you read and understand the text. The lessons become more and more difficult as the course progresses, your reading ability also gets better.

- Reading: This skill is available as soon as you read and understand the text. The lessons become more and more difficult as the course progresses, your reading ability also gets better.

- Writing: As your Grammar, Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Vocabulary skills get better and better, of course your writing ability also gets better. When you write sentences, you will naturally have the correct grammatical and sentence structure. You will be written in groups of words, not in the form of single word assembly, because the word groups have been invisibly ingrained in your brain during your studies. The English sentences you write are as natural as writing Vietnamese sentences without having to worry about grammar.

- Vocabulary: You will hear the author explain difficult vocabulary in the lesson using very simple and easy-to-understand vocabulary plus a specific example. Also through that, you will learn how to explain a problem you don't know the vocabulary for using the vocabulary you already have.


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