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Learn Business English From Successful Businessmen!

Learn how to think systematically in business to help you be more successful

The success story is evidenced by AJ Hoge himself when building the Effortless English system

Perfect your English communication skills with powerful reflection lessons designed by AJ Hoge

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A.J Hoge
For who want to speak English like A Success Businessman
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BUSINESS ENGLISH: ENGLISH FOR SUCCESS. Includes 10 topics with 30 lessons focusing on business concepts to improve your language reflex for confident English speaking after 10 weeks; suitable for B1 - B2 learners (from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate).

Business English course


Do you want more freedom?

Do you want to earn more in your job? Do you want better, more interesting jobs? Do you want more success?

Well, do not study business English textbooks. Do not focus on business vocabulary tests.

Learn how to speak business English like a successful businessperson – and learn how to think like a successful businessperson.

Learn Business English From Successful Businessmen

Our names are George Hoge and A.J. Hoge. We are not only English teachers, we are also successful businessmen. Most business English teachers only studied English, and know very little about business. We will teach you both!

Why You Need to Learn Real Business English from Real Businessmen?

To understand business English, you must learn from real businessmen. Real businesspeople use slang and idioms. They discuss real business ideas, not just vocabulary.

The business English conversations course is a complete 4 month business course. You get one new lesson set (module) every week for 16 weeks!

Start Speaking Business English Course today and Improve your career!

Learn English in these powerful ways

  • Learn Naturally and Playfully Like a Child

  • Never Study Grammar Rules

  • Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

  • Learn Spoken Grammar With Fun Stories

  • Learn Actively By Answering Simple Questions

You can easily put all of your lessons on your iPod, mp3 player and phone and take them wherever you go. To the gym … in the car … on your morning run … anywhere. Start today.

List of lessons 14

Lessson 1 TEXTBOOK Download
Lessson 2 Financial Liberation Download
Lessson 3 What Is Success? Download
Lessson 4 Solve a Problem Download
Lessson 5 Stand Out Download
Lessson 6 True Wealth Download
Lessson 7 The Process Download
Lessson 8 Wealth Steps Download
Lessson 9 The Way Download
Lessson 10 Effortless Success Chapter 1 Download
Lessson 11 Effortless Success Chapter 2 Download
Lessson 12 Effortless Success Chapter 3 Download
Lessson 13 Effortless Success Chapter 4 Download
Lessson 14 Effortless Success Chapter 5 Download


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I’m A.J. Hoge, a person behind the Effortless English method. And I’m here to help you speak English smoothly and painlessly.

For me, it all started 15 years ago when I began my teaching journey. I remember one of my then students, Gladys, who amazed me with her hard work and dedication. Gladys put incredible effort into learning English, but after six months of textbooks, she was disappointed with her language skills. Learning English effortlessly and, most importantly, effectively remained a pipe dream for her.

That’s because conventional teaching methods were wrong, not teachers or students. And it was then that I decided to take on the challenge of improving the system until my students could learn English effortlessly and SPEAK confidently.

It took many years of study, testing out methods, getting my Masters in Teaching English, and honing my skills. Eventually, I found an answer that worked!

As my students improved their speaking and listening abilities, they beamed with joy, and they loved it. Their success and enthusiasm made me happy too.

One day, it became clear to me: I need to share my best practices, my Effortless English lessons, with all those who have struggled with English for a long time but still can’t master it to the full extent.

I don’t merely understand your frustration – I know what you are going through better than any “traditional” teacher.

I came up with the Effortless English online course to help you eliminate errors and embarrassment in your speaking and “deafness” in your listening.

So, let’s reach your fluency together.


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