Original Effortless English

Faster and easier English speaking!

Teach you how to overcome nervousness, shyness, and fear when speaking English

Show you how to achieve a high TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC score

Help you learn vocabulary 4-5 times faster

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About the course

Target learners
Low Intermediate
A.J Hoge
For students who want to improve their listening and reflexes
Textbook, Audio


ORIGINAL ENGLISH: AUTOMATIC ENGLISH REFLEX. Includes 36 topics with 140 lessons to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex after 36 weeks; suitable for students from A1 to A2 level (Elementary to Pre-Intermediate).

Original Effortless English

Are you a low intermediate English learner? Does your speaking ever become slow and broken when you speak English? So that you can’t communicate normally. Have you ever felt foolish because you are not a strong, clear, fast English speaker.

Do you know a lot of vocabulary and grammar and yet, it’s stil difficult for you to use it when you speak? Do you want to speak faster in English? How do you become a fast and fluent English speaker?

We created my Original Effortless English course for low intermediate speakers like you. To help you become more advanced and speak English more automatically, more quickly more easily. The original course trains you, to master the most common English vocabulary and grammar. You learn to understand quickly and speak quickly and naturally. You learn to actually use the grammar and vocabulary. No more thinking about grammar rules. No more triying to translate all the time.

My Original Course Improves Your English Speaking Even If You’re Still a Beginner.
“You Also Want A Powerful, Fast, Complete System For Excellent English Speaking… PLUS A Fun System That Entertains.
You Enjoy Speaking Clearly & Powerfully, Winning Better Job

Don’t Lose Your Success...

If you are ready for SUPER-SUCCESS with English speaking, then what I’m going to help you get it FASTER.

When I first started my company, I made a new English Course. I call it “The Original Effortless English Course”.

I made a complete course to increase your success with excellent English speaking.

This digital audio course has over THIRTY-FIVE full hours of mp3 lessons… many of my most popular lessons, ideas, techniques, and methods.

This is your chance to use the Original Course and speak more excellent English.

The Original Effortless English course helps you improve step by step. Here is a short list of what you are going to learn with this course.

  • Fun, crazy stories that teach you to automatically feel English grammar.

  • How to eliminate frustration and learn to enjoy English studying.

  • How to remember vocabulary with your ears not by memorising.

  • How to improve super quickly by relaxing and enjoying the lessons.

  • How to use tiny daily improvements, to create big monthly improvements.

  • How to increase your speaking speed using mini stories.

  • How to find other people who are help you succeed in our member forum.

  • The real reasons most people never speak excellent English and how you will be different.

  • What successful, powerful English speakers do and how you can learn from them.

  • Exactly how to listen to the lessons. How to use them to increase your learning speed.

  • Why schools and classes are the worse places to learn English.

  • Exactly how to stop translating and start thinking in English using our ask a story lessons. And much more…

My Original Lessons for Faster and Easier English Speaking...

I started teaching English many years ago.

During my years of teaching, I have learned and improved. Eventually, I created the Effortless English System.

The Original course was my very first course. I recorded it in my apartment in San Francisco.

This course became one of my most popular. Because of this course, I have helped over 4 million people speak more excellent English.

This course will give you the results you want. This course has been used by millions of people all over the world.

Like them, you too will succeed.

You are learning English for a reason. You want fantastic jobs… jobs that give you more fun, more money, more opportunities. You want amazing travel… feeling strong and confident as you visit new countries and make new friends.

You want to pass interviews and tests.

You don’t want to wait longer… you want maximum SUCCESS with English NOW. 

List of lessons 40

Lessson 1 TEXTBOOK Download
Lessson 2 Day Of The Dead Download
Lessson 3 A Kiss Download
Lessson 4 Bubba's Food Download
Lessson 5 Changed Download
Lessson 6 Drag Download
Lessson 7 Intimacy Download
Lessson 8 Secret Love Download
Lessson 9 Greek family Download
Lessson 10 Longtime affair Download
Lessson 11 Lost Custody Download
Lessson 12 Medding Mother-In-Law Download
Lessson 13 Nudist Download
Lessson 14 Obsessive behavior Download
Lessson 15 The race Download
Lessson 16 Bad choices Download
Lessson 17 Double standard Download
Lessson 18 Cafe Puccini Download
Lessson 19 Disobedience Download
Lessson 20 Emotional intel husbands Download
Lessson 21 First Battle Download
Lessson 22 Jack kerouac Download
Lessson 23 Lifestyle Diseases Download
Lessson 24 Media 1 Download
Lessson 25 Media 2 Download
Lessson 26 Mind maps Download
Lessson 27 Ms censorship Download
Lessson 28 Neo-bedouins Download
Lessson 29 New year's resolutions Download
Lessson 30 No belief Download
Lessson 31 Storytelling Download
Lessson 32 Thriving on Chaos Download
Lessson 33 TPR Listen first Download
Lessson 34 Universal Journey Download
Lessson 35 Validation Download
Lessson 36 Vipassana Download
Lessson 37 Worthy Goals Download
Lessson 38 Hitch 1 Download
Lessson 39 Hitch 2 Download
Lessson 40 Hitch 3 Download


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I’m A.J. Hoge, a person behind the Effortless English method. And I’m here to help you speak English smoothly and painlessly.

For me, it all started 15 years ago when I began my teaching journey. I remember one of my then students, Gladys, who amazed me with her hard work and dedication. Gladys put incredible effort into learning English, but after six months of textbooks, she was disappointed with her language skills. Learning English effortlessly and, most importantly, effectively remained a pipe dream for her.

That’s because conventional teaching methods were wrong, not teachers or students. And it was then that I decided to take on the challenge of improving the system until my students could learn English effortlessly and SPEAK confidently.

It took many years of study, testing out methods, getting my Masters in Teaching English, and honing my skills. Eventually, I found an answer that worked!

As my students improved their speaking and listening abilities, they beamed with joy, and they loved it. Their success and enthusiasm made me happy too.

One day, it became clear to me: I need to share my best practices, my Effortless English lessons, with all those who have struggled with English for a long time but still can’t master it to the full extent.

I don’t merely understand your frustration – I know what you are going through better than any “traditional” teacher.

I came up with the Effortless English online course to help you eliminate errors and embarrassment in your speaking and “deafness” in your listening.

So, let’s reach your fluency together.


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