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LEARN REAL ENGLISH: AUTHENTIC ENGLISH COMMUNICATION. Includes 30 topics with 120 lessons on real-life communication situations of American native speakers, to improve your listening, sound recognition, and language reflex for confident English speaking after 30 weeks; suitable for C1+ learners (Advanced)

Learn real english

English conversation is quite different from English reading. Conversation uses a different type of English, including different vocabulary.

So why do you need to understand conversational English?

In order to understand the English that native speakers use to communicate with one another. You need to learn the English that Americans use with their friends, their families, and their co-workers.

This is the common, everyday English that we constantly use.

And yet, this kind of English cannot be found in English textbooks. Schools don’t teach it. Very few English learners know it. That’s why so many learners come to the United States and can’t understand regular conversations.

In San Francisco, I have met many students with high English test scores and great grades in their English classes. Yet, when they sit at a bus stop they cannot understand what the people around them are saying. They have absolutely no idea what us “normal Americans” are talking about.

They have been trained in formal, academic English with a focus on grammar rules. I think this is totally backward.

Common, casual conversation should be the first thing you learn. The first need, after all, is to communicate with other people. You want to chat with people on the bus. You want to make friends and understand what they are saying. You want to talk to your co-workers. You want to understand TV shows and movies.

Learn that first… then, and only then, focus on academic English.

English Conversation is About Building Connections

English conversation is about connection. Its purpose is to connect people around the world.

We want to connect personally and emotionally. We want to connect with business partners, clients, and customers. We want to connect with professional peers. We want to connect with new friends.

While this is obvious, I feel that many students forget the ultimate reason they are learning. In traditional English conversation classes it’s easy to get too focused on tests, textbooks, grades, and “levels.” After some time, the student is so worried about these artificial measurements that they forget their ultimate purpose for study – to communicate with others.

At the deepest level, English conversation is about community – building and sustaining meaningful connections between people.

Tomoe and I have been discussing this subject a lot and our ultimate goal is to use our seminars, lessons, and forums as a way to create strong communities. We want to help people connect and communicate in positive and meaningful ways – and help them stay connected. We’ll discuss this in more detail below.

The Difference Between Written and Oral English

English conversation vocabulary is much more casual. In English, this means we use more words of Saxon or Old English origin during a conversation. We also use more phrasal verbs (two- or three-word verbs).

The difference between conversation and more formal English is one reason that even “advanced” students have difficulty with everyday conversations.

As we’ve seen, the problem is that students learn more formal English in school. Formal English tends to use more words of French and Latin origin. This kind of English is, in fact, much easier for students who speak Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or French. These students often do quite well when reading English but have a lot of trouble understanding “normal” speech.

So, if you want to communicate with native speakers it’s very important to learn English conversation – not just what you learn in books and textbooks.

To learn conversation, you must listen to more casual English and you must learn to understand the different vocabulary and patterns used in normal speech.

In my lessons, I always focus on real English conversation and I use the vocabulary of common speech.

Want to know another great source of casual English conversation?


Listen to American and English movies and read the subtitles and this will also help you.

Learn Real English Conversations Today.

Here is a real conversation about the weather, between AJ Hoge and his mom.

What will you learn from this audio session?

How to include an idiom in the conversation and why casual conversation is completely different from “school English.”

You learned school English, you learned textbook English, and you learned them both well – but this is why you can’t understand real conversations. This is why you can’t understand American TV and movies.

School English is not real English.

School English is English written incredibly formally. That is not how we speak in the real world!

Effortless English is a real English system. You learn real conversational English, not textbook English.

List of lessons 31

Lessson 1 Textbook Download
Lessson 2 Earthquake Download
Lessson 3 Trip To Washington Download
Lessson 4 The Wedding Download
Lessson 5 Grateful Dead Download
Lessson 6 Grandmother Download
Lessson 7 Hitchhiking in Europe Download
Lessson 8 Moving as a child 1 Download
Lessson 9 Moving as a child 2 Download
Lessson 10 Parents Download
Lessson 11 Burning Man Download
Lessson 12 Ticket on the train Download
Lessson 13 New School Year Download
Lessson 14 Music Festival 1 Download
Lessson 15 Music Festival 2 Download
Lessson 16 Assisted Living Download
Lessson 17 Visit To San Francisco 1 Download
Lessson 18 Visit To San Francisco 2 Download
Lessson 19 Las Vegas 1 Download
Lessson 20 Las Vegas 2 Download
Lessson 21 Chile Download
Lessson 22 Nepal 1 Download
Lessson 23 Nepal 2 Download
Lessson 24 Dating Download
Lessson 25 Drunk Driving Download
Lessson 26 Teaching Teacher 1 Download
Lessson 27 Teaching Teacher 2 Download
Lessson 28 Lookout Mountain Download
Lessson 29 Vegetarian Download
Lessson 30 Vegan Download
Lessson 31 Health Care Download


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I’m A.J. Hoge, a person behind the Effortless English method. And I’m here to help you speak English smoothly and painlessly.

For me, it all started 15 years ago when I began my teaching journey. I remember one of my then students, Gladys, who amazed me with her hard work and dedication. Gladys put incredible effort into learning English, but after six months of textbooks, she was disappointed with her language skills. Learning English effortlessly and, most importantly, effectively remained a pipe dream for her.

That’s because conventional teaching methods were wrong, not teachers or students. And it was then that I decided to take on the challenge of improving the system until my students could learn English effortlessly and SPEAK confidently.

It took many years of study, testing out methods, getting my Masters in Teaching English, and honing my skills. Eventually, I found an answer that worked!

As my students improved their speaking and listening abilities, they beamed with joy, and they loved it. Their success and enthusiasm made me happy too.

One day, it became clear to me: I need to share my best practices, my Effortless English lessons, with all those who have struggled with English for a long time but still can’t master it to the full extent.

I don’t merely understand your frustration – I know what you are going through better than any “traditional” teacher.

I came up with the Effortless English online course to help you eliminate errors and embarrassment in your speaking and “deafness” in your listening.

So, let’s reach your fluency together.


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